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Looking for an fully automatic water softener in Noida? Aqua Pristine offers top-notch water softening solutions to improve water quality and reduce scale buildup. Discover the benefits of our advanced automatic water softeners today!

Water, while essential for life, can sometimes bring along its own set of challenges. Mineral-rich hard water, containing calcium and magnesium, can cause various problems, such as pipe blockages and faded laundry. Aqua Pristine, a leading water treatment solutions provider, offers a game-changing solution in Noida: the Fully Automatic Water Softener.

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What is Water Softening?

This is the process of removing minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium, from hard water. This transformation not only enhances the quality of water but also prolongs the life of appliances and reduces maintenance costs.

Benefits of Water Softening

Soft water ensures healthier hair and skin by preventing mineral buildup.

Appliances like washing machines and dishwashers function more efficiently and have a longer lifespan.

Soft water requires significantly less soap and detergents for cleaning purposes.

Aqua Pristine's Fully Automatic Water Softener

Including cutting-edge technology, our water softener automatically identifies hardness levels and initiates the softening procedure. This ensures a continuous supply of soft water without manual intervention.

Understanding the unique water quality challenges in Noida, our team has tailored its water-filtering solutions to address local needs effectively.

The softener operates on an eco-friendly principle, utilizing minimal water and energy. This commitment to viable sets Aqua Pristine apart in the industry.

The Impact of Water Softening on Daily Life

Silky Hair and Glowing Skin

With our Fully Automatic Water Softener, you can bid farewell to the dullness caused by hard water. Indulge in the pleasure of having radiant hair and luminous skin.

Extended Appliance Lifespan

Your appliances, from geysers to washing machines, will thank you for the switch to soft water. Reduced mineral buildup leads to longer-lasting, more efficient machines.

Environmental Responsibility

By choosing our water-softening solution, you're contributing to a more sustainable future. The eco-friendly operation minimizes resource consumption and environmental impact.


Our Fully Automatic Water Softener in Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh isn't just a product; it's a lifestyle upgrade. Say goodbye to the hassles of hard water and embrace the benefits of soft, pure water.

With Aqua Pristine, you're not just investing in a water softener; you're investing in a better quality of life. Experience the difference today and enjoy the myriad benefits of automatic water softener.

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Application of Automatic Water Softeners

  • Home
  • Apartments
  • PGs
  • Hotel
  • Rented House
  • Small Offices
  • House Swimming Pool
semi automatic water softener automatic water softener
S. No Model Name Dimensions Flow Rate S. No Model Name Flow Rate
1 APWS - SMALL 08 x 44 2000 LPH 1 AUTO WS-SMALL 2000 LPH
2 APWS - MEDIUM 10 x 54 3000 LPH
3 APWS - STANDARD 13 x 54 4000 LPH 2 AUTO WS-MEDIUM 3000 LPH
4 APWS - 14 14 x 65 4000-6000 LPH
5 APWS - 16 16 x 65 6000-8000 LPH 3 AUTO WS-STANDARD 4000 LPH
6 APWS 18 x 65 8000-10000 LPH

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