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Sewage refers to the waste generated from residential, commercial and industrial processes. Sewage comprises of both organic as well as non-organic waste. The need for treating this sewage arises from the fact that, if not treated adequately, it has the potential of contaminating the water bodies and poses a higher risk to human health and other ecological issues. The ultimate aim of undertaking a sewage treatment process is to achieve cleaner and less contaminated effluents. These sewage treatment plants also known as STP plants are believed to be a cost-effective alternative for dealing with wastewater.

Advantages of a sewage treatment plant (STP)-

• Only one-time costs are involved, at the time of purchase and installation
• Can be easily maintained by regular servicing
• Can be installed on compact sites as well
• Reduce groundwater pollution
• Protect the environment by recycling the waste, making it cleaner and free-up the space occupied by the sewage in landfills

Process involved in sewage treatment plant-

1. Firstly, the water is made to pass through the screen in order to get rid of large solid particles which are unable to pass through the screen. Post this, the water is aerated by infusing oxygen into the same and sedimentation is undertaken to ensure that the particles settle down at the bottom. Coagulant is added to water in order to remove any remaining solid particles, oil, grease or etc.

2. After this, the sewage is treated using a secondary process which is biological in nature. It can be via an aerobic process or anaerobic treatment. The former uses oxygen as a means to break down the organic matter present in the effluent and remove other chemicals and gases such as nitrogen and phosphorus. While under the latter, the effluent is stored in a tank where the microbes present in the tank oxidize the organic elements present in the same which leads to the removal of fine solids and sludge is formed.

3. The last step in the process is undertaking treatments such as UV radiation or chlorination or reverse osmosis for treating the sewage at this stage. The kind of sewage treatment process to be adopted depends on the kind of effluent.

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Sewage Treatment Plants or STP plants - fostering energy generation

Given the detrimental effect of untreated waste on human health and the environment, it is necessary that it is properly managed and treated. As discussed above, these STP plants not just serve to be an effective way of treating the sewage but the processes used in treating the sewage helps in energy generation. The microorganisms so used in the process are known as microbial fuel cells which help in generate biogas, electricity, and other such energy sources. These cells make use of the organic matter present in the effluent and release carbon dioxide and electrons as an output, which are then used as a source of energy generation.

Therefore, we must take care of the environment by ensuring that this contaminated waste is treated, and recycled to achieve a cleaner and healthier environment.


Sewage Treatment Plant Maintenance

It is a facility where wastewater from homes and businesses is treated before it is discharged into the environment. Wastewater contains pollutants that can harm the environment and human health if not properly removed.

STP Plant manufactured by us in Noida can remove pollutants from wastewater using physical, chemical, and biological processes. Physical processes remove solids from the water using screens or filters. Chemical processes remove dissolved pollutants using chemicals such as chlorine or alum. Biological processes use bacteria and other microorganisms to break down organic pollutants.

If you are looking for sewage treatment plant manufacturers or suppliers in Noida you can contact our experts at info@aquapristine.in for more information.

Sewage Treatment Plant Can be Used in the Following Places

  • Homes
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls
  • Schools
  • Business Parks
  • Industrial Parks
  • Prisons
  • Military Installations
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