Water Pressure Pump

When you have your water tank below the tap-then you need water pressure pump system. Aqua Pristine is the manufacturer and supplier of Pressure Pumps in Noida, Delhi NCR, India and also in other countries.

Water Pressure Booster Pump

Water is very terrible to live life but when you live in a multi storey building then it is very difficult to get water all the times very easily. We need water pressure booster pump in this case that pumps up water and you will converting hard water to soft clean water easily at your floor.


  • High pressure showers
  • High pressure water supply to Bungalows/ small apartment complexes/ hostels/ hotels
  • Gardening easily
  • Domestic use of water in car washing
  • Small Gardens
  • Automatic on-off feature
  • Ready for use
  • Same water pressure at all floors of multi-storey Apartments


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